RC Remote Control Airplanes Reviews - Radio Controlled Airplanes

RC remote control airplanes have been slowly gaining widespread popularilty through out the world. In the past it was only the serious hobbyist that flew RC planes because you had to buy expensive complicated kits that you had to buy and assemble yourself but with the advancements in technology over the past few years the prices have come down a lot and are now even faster and llighter than there predecessors and come complete straight out of the box and ready to fly. Listed below is a selection of the best RC remote control airplanes on the market today.

Champ RTF

Champ RTF - Best RC Beginner Airplane

The Champ RTF is great RC plane for beginners. This RC plane is easy to very easy to handle and extremely durable. This plane comes ready to fly straight out of the box including the hand control unit and the batteries. Read more...

Night Vapor RTF

Night Vapor RTF - Best Indoor RC Plane

The Night Vapor is probably the best indoor RC plane available on the market. It is one of the only planes that is capable of flying around a living without having to worry about damaging anything in the room. Read more...

Ember 2 RTF

Ember 2 RTF - Indoor / Outdoor RC Plane

"The Ember 2 RTF is a great plane that can be used both indoors and outside. Extremely fun to fly and put through its paces as an extreme stunt plane capable of any flying stunt you can think of. Read more...

Ultra Micro P-51 RC BNF

Ultra Micro P-51 RC BNF - Intermediate Level

"The Ultra Micro P-51 is a plane for more experienced RC plane enthusiasts looking for a more advanced plane than the beginner plane. This plane is truly a marvel to fly outdoors and extremely fast and agile. Read more...

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